Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Simple Life: Farm life!

One of the best part about travelling is when you have friends from the country you are visiting and then you get a true taste of daily life! as compared to doing touristy things and hotel food  everyday, you get home cooked food, visit food markets, ride around town and explore every nook and cranny you wouldn't see otherwise! i like!

on sunday, we visited Marcin's granny's farm! 2 hours away from Warsaw..

pig mummy! looking pretty forlorn! They are used primarily for birthing and nursing babies, not bacon!

tiny piglets that were soooo cute! making little oinks and squeaks..

so many chickens running amok!

fresh eggs every day as well...

eating sunflower seeds from the flower itself!!

Yummos!! =) i kept walking back to that part of the garden! there was also an entire strip of forest behind the yard which belonged to the family with mushrooms, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries to pick when in season!! the walk was like a trip into the Enchanted Forest from Enid Blyton stories!!!

naptime for one lazy chicken! thought it was hilarious they all sit on a wooden plank in a row and sleep! so awkward!!

Grandma gave us more sunflowers to bring home cos i liked it so much! *embarrassed*

more farm-grown produce to bring home!!

and took a long & bumpy ride on the scooter with Piotrek(Peter in polish) which was hilariously exhilarating! no one believed it when i volunteered to jump on the scooter in my skirt! maybe im still that tom boy at heart! and guess what we had for dinner??? PORK CHOPS AND CHICKEN!!! haha.. so ironic! but it was the yummiest homemade dinner i've had in a while! (and the quietest as well.. everyone was conversing in polish!)

and thanks to Piotrus for being the trusty driver while i was napping the entire way to the farm! twas a different travel story! and certainly one that i would remember for life!


  1. Ohhh so fun!! you look good in your dress with the hair up! =)
    this looks like such a quaint little farm house.. im sure you had a very cosy dinner! =)

  2. -oink- reminds me of Orson's Farm or Charlotte's Web!! and BABE!!! hahaha...-oinkoink-

  3. i know so cute.. made me want to take it home as a pet!! =) (like whats that movie with BIttany Murphey? she had a pet pig as well..)

  4. bit overdressed.. no? but always my motto to be overdressed rather than underdressed!! =)


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