Friday, September 21, 2007

pictures from NY..

from top down, left to right:

i) me with silly gummydrop man in Toys'R'us
ii) me & judyroos at Tiff. (the bags said it all..)
iii) camwhoring at central park
iv) yummy italian treat at Vento (set in the middle of trendy meatpacking district)
v) fun & devillicious cookies from Essie (Chelsea Market)
vi) beautiful skyline.. the entire city is an art, talk about art. me and judy missed the MOMA AGAIN!!!
vii) more treats from Essie... so picture perfect it felt awful savoring it
viii) who ate empire state building!!

also not illustrated in visually exciting pictures,
a) watching RENT with the original cast.. i was completely blown away at the quality of performance!! WOW!
b) staten ferry ride
c) chilling and doing the sillies in brooklyn.

thanks alex again for having us stacked on top of each other (literally!) in your apartment. just cos we have not seen the MOMA again for the third time, i guess it won't be our last visit! muahh...


  1. Great, pretty, gorgeous pics!! I can tell you're having a blast! =) and your smile and happiness is affectuous. keep them coming girl!

  2. hey babe!! is it that cold in NY already?? hahaha =) love ya cant wait till u're back!

  3. haha thats my cheesy grin you are referring to! =)

  4. nope not too cold.. about 14-16 degrees but windy...
    im getting my salsa shoes ready...

  5. love your jacket with the fur trim. gorgeous! and you make me wish i was holidaying in the US!

  6. hahahah so poseurish! =) New York is still my fav place to travel to, its capital of consumerism! all that food and shopping in one spot! lovely!


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