Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lazienki : Central Park of Warsaw..

Decided to spend Day #4 in Poland in a peaceful nature. so we picked this sunny afternoon to explore Lazienki: pronounce it as "Wer- Jen- Kee.." (fast) and directly translated as "bathrooms"! the park is nothing weird like its name and no, bathrooms were far and few.. *grumbles*

but that aside, it is a beautiful park with many sculptures and memorials, greenery and peace. we spent the entire afternoon frolicking in the park with drinks and waffles in hand like a bunch of school kids... had a elderly lady follow me around for a while while i was frantically snapping pictures with every rock in my path (like i always do..). came up to us after a long while and spoke to me in polish (subsequently translated) that im very beautiful and she likes the way i dress!!! must be the bright pink hat. which was lovingly knitted by my IT traning manager, Diana Knight back in Kingsmill! =) awww.. such a sweetie... anywhos, i'll let the pictures do the talking!

narazie *waves* im off to eat (yes again!!) my pierogies! =)


  1. happie birthday to yooooooooo :)
    *tsk ying!!! hello dear.. u look gorgeous! left a note on facebook. trying to collate wedding invites for bel and need to know if u'll be back in town dec 1 to attend. leave me a note on lj or facebook or msn or wherever k!!!
    xoxo, angie

  2. Re: happie birthday to yooooooooo :)
    yes i will be back in town! and would love to attend her wedding! =)

  3. Ohhh beautiful pictures!! im here in boring singapore full of envy! keep them coming! and you look really sweet in the knitted hat girl! i can understand why the polish lady came up to you! =D

  4. silly Judy inVA
    halo form VA!!
    Happy belated B-day my dear!!! come see my blog...
    Had this for a while but didn't use it. hehe
    miss you bunch!

  5. awww. thanks!! *blush* the hat keeps you warm and cozy in the cold..

  6. Re: silly Judy inVA
    thank you babe... =)
    p.s.i will check it out!


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