Wednesday, August 15, 2007


blame it on the impending big "25".. some people get married, some get kids, some sky dive and i travel!! but here are my vacation plans in pictures! *whoops*

Sept 3- 7th: Miami

Sept 5th: Key West

Sept 14th - 19th: New York

Sept 19th - Oct 2nd: Warsaw & Gdansk

sept 26- 28th: Rome

Oct 2nd - 7th: London

Oct 8th: Home =)

Don't hate!

some people take a longer time to come home!! and in daddy's own words "this will be the last chance i have to travel this way..."


  1. tell me more!! Why are you travelling all over? I am envious!! I want to come along!

  2. the final grand tour b4 u re-join the real world?
    u lucky shit.
    a month's worth. both US n Europe.

  3. No hate! (Some wistful envy :P ) Enjoy the journey home. :)

  4. WOW.. i'm so envious!! how I wish you can pack me in your luggie!! :p
    enjoy yourself! (gosh, needless to say, i'm sure you will!!) :D

  5. its just my looong dramatic journey home! =)
    consider that done! pack your bags and come along! =)

  6. thanks babe...
    its going to take a while to adjust to home!! you'd know what i mean!

  7. its the first. and certainly not the last!!
    its whole month worth of money spent, no money earned!! (i may have to purchase a banjo and play in the streets..)

  8. OMGOSH!! I wish!! I have way too many committments in life. It isnt fair! So you are going back to Singapore through this way? Are you still going to live in the US?

  9. yes! that my travel route home! exciting ain't it?
    not coming back to US for a while.. i'll be home for good or at least till life takes me somewhere else!

  10. You think you are going to miss living in the States?

  11. come home dadddd
    (remember the line from BRH?)
    looking forward to see you dearieee. travel to your heart's content!!!

  12. oh that was me by the way.. qian :)

  13. lucky twerp
    this is going to be the best trip eva! 1 whole mth. God damn it. Woman, enjoy it to the fullest. Like all ur other frens said, I wish I could to -nah! sch juz resumed!-. Sad to see u leave US but glad to know ur comin home. U have been missed.
    Love love.

  14. very very much so! 18 months kinda passed by in a jiffy! i keep chiding myself for not travelling more.
    but yet another adventure awaits! =)

  15. Re: come home dadddd
    i cant wait to see you too! =)
    p.s. is your hair pink again??

  16. Re: lucky twerp
    welcome to livejournal!! (or am i slow...)
    we can go drink kopi (or martinis) at Scarlet! =) where this all began...


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