Thursday, August 9, 2007

toodles from the noodles...

awww.. shucks! another national day spent not in singapore! =( here i am slogging my ass away at work while half the world away, you all are enjoying a day off and lots of festivities.. but all is good!

recently, i moved back into Colonial Pines and loving it! there is more time to make meals, more people to share meals and the drive to work is a mere 10 mins!! (which translates to more sleep time!)

we made claypot chix fried rice and stirfried asparagus..

judes & momot chilling with a glass of Robert Mondav Cab  wine!! this is seconds after jj claimed that it tasted like bad grape. they these two alchie shrugged and proceeded to share the entire bottle of wine between the two of them. should have caught a picture of jj and his judging face! it was hilarious! 

pictures from last week's crab and beer fix! yayy backfin!
i love this picture of judy!! =)

huge snow crab legs!! with drawn butter... superbly delicious combination. a close fight to the chilli crabs back home! =)

look how darn excited i am when i wriggle an entire length of pure crab meat from its shell?? tres délicieux!!

and my bowl of roses.. so pretty & beautiful-smelling!!

looking forward to a sweet treat tonight with lauren..


  1. I love crabs too! May I add you to my friends list. You seem to have a lot in common with me.

  2. Ohhh, I love asparagus! and you guys did a good job coz it looks so yummy from the pic!! *drools*
    and the crab leg is simply divine!!! *DROOL SUMMORE!* and girl, you look great in your white top!
    beautiful roses!! :)

  3. sure thing! and i will do the same! =)

  4. hahahah don't hate! you get access to all the good food back home and hey! You got an off day ok... =)
    happy national day, hon!

  5. old navy! =) super comfy.. i call it my fat top! its flowy and i can eat anything i like..

  6. i know!! =)
    oh and adding good company to the equation makes it all the more unbelievable!


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