Friday, August 3, 2007

Mariner's musuem event..

 The musuem was an awesome place to have an event. the location itself was a highlight! the opulence of the building and the exhibits added to the charm of the locality and throughout dinner, the lighthouse (not in picture) was spinning round continuously catching on the lights and casting sparkles througout the entire banquet hall! just precious!

i was very in awe by the linen we picked (gold and purple shag) all sparkley and fuzzy. (think ge tai costumes..) so very fun! i won't use it on wedding but its my current fav texture and table linen...i couldn't help running my fingers through it everytime i pass by...

view of ballroom...

table setting and super duper cute pirate map menu..

fife & drum to welcome guests from the parking lot...

i love the treasure chest centerpieces!!

our servers in pirate outfits! *arrrrrr*


  1. wow this is so different and interesting!!! again, can never get to see this in singapore! :)

  2. this will certinaly be one thing i miss about working here!!!


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