Monday, August 27, 2007

the ghost of my past..

the biggest bane of my life: ex boyfriends.

and this is by far the worst of the lot. my darling brothers saw him recently in town and i guess gave him my msn contact and they must have added him from the home computer. so when he suddenly msned me, i was totally shocked. but i was civil and fairly pleasant till he asked me out. gosh! how in the world do you say no? but i did make it very clear i have no intentions of getting back with him, citing diffference in character and goals in life. but meeting up can happen to friends right? so i didn't say no. and he added me to friendster.

yesterday, he msn-ed me again, and can i add, the second i came online. and flooded me with questions about my pictures from friendster like "so what do they feed you in the states. butter?" and "so how many kgs are you now" and i told him its none of your business. seriously, how dense can a person get right? then he said "whats your get fit plan when you get home? how about liposuction?".. and that really hit my sore spot. so i told him off.. and spent the rest of the night flipping in bed about his nasty comments. 

seriously, i need to get rid of all this emotional baggage and negativity. 

whats with the obsession with weight anyway. i'm not the skinniest bean on the pole but is that all there is? the last time i visited my now-ex-boyfriend back home, he told me my neck is thicker... wow! talk about tactful. and it hurt real bad.. and my mum and grandmother is always on my case.. is there no other thing you can find on me to be proud of? like maybe my brains or my achievements or my personality? is it always about the waistline? 

im not really looking forward to coming back to land of 24-inch waisters!! great if you have it! i am entirely envious but im just not metabolically capable of maintaining it...

very well.  venting over. i'll be fine.


  1. you're fine the way you are. =)
    asians are too harsh when it comes to weight. it's no wonder most of us are so skinny/under weight! i also get the "you're too tan" comments too. =/

  2. i saw your pictures.. you seemed okay; u were way skinny back in sch.
    your ex was trying NOT to be tactful, go at him the next time!

  3. What the? But you look gorgeous (and radiant and happy) in all the pictures you've posted here! The dude obviously has myopia.
    Must be something in the water here in the land of skinny girls - everyone is obsessed with body weight and image. I noticed it too every time I came back, and ::I'm:: skinny (sg voices: too skinny? bust enhancements? thick calves?). Ridiculous, right? Just remember that loads of people here have body weight specific eyesight problems, and correct your own vision with that wonderful lens, Perspective. :)

  4. gosh! what dumb jerks they are!! ex-boyfriends are nightmare! and seriously, i think they are just jealous that you're getting on so well and having so much fun in the states. some pple just need to move on. obviously they havent.
    you're fine as you are. pretty with your big sunny smile! :) most impt thing is you're happy with life. so what if you're not a 24-inch waister. when I was young I was the "fleshy" sort and I was affected enough to go on some crazy diet during my puberty. which i think that's why i'm so short now. totally not worth it.
    i'm still fleshy now and I can live with it. (ofcoz every now and then will still dream of how nice it is to have killer bods like jessica alba or something). but other than that, I can say, welcome to our world! :D
    you go girl! :)

  5. my dear girl, you are absolutely blooming in the pictures! and i'm not 24-incher also leh, so do come home soon! :)

  6. thanks for your vote of confidence!!
    p.s. i already blocked him from msn and from my life. him and his nastiness & negativity.

  7. thanks!! i also get the 'you're too tan' comments as well.. *sigh* so hard to please!

  8. wow! thanks stella!
    im guilty as well for severely myopic view i guess.. which is probably why his comments stung twice more than it should..
    i will certainly remember that the next time i feel this way..

  9. thanks.. i think im the same 'fleshy' body type with stunted height!!
    thanks babe, im feeling a whole lot better already.

  10. thanks ade... im will to join a gym or some fun class! and run up a storm... not for the 24-inches of waist but just cos!!

  11. I honestly think that SIngaporeans are obessed with weight and looking tiny and rail thin. I am not a very small person by any standards and when I was living in Singapore, I felt like a giant. Ppl would say mean things to me and say that I'm huge but my comparison are those aneroxic paled faced gals without any boobs or butt!
    Now that I'm living here, I know what BIG is but no one ever comes to me and say that I'm fat in my face. I think as long as you are healthy and you are happy, who cares if your neck is thick compared to all the toothpicks in Singapore???!!

  12. stupid exs and idoit boys!! note that I use the word 'boys'! immature kids!! how shallow can they get?? *GROWLING like an angry cat*


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