Friday, August 3, 2007

cure for the lost soul..

an order of crab legs, beers and a chillax evening with judy..

im so tired of explaining to people here why i wont be staying after my contract ends. i probably should come up with something shocking like.. "my dad is going to marry me off in exchange for a herd of cows and 8 chickens."


  1. just do what u love dear! n what makes u happy! r u taking a break? or starting on something new?? :)its really the qarter-life mark! hehe everyone is changhing jobs

  2. LOL! girl you're really funny!! hahaha
    wow crab legs with beer! I havent seen anybody doin this in spore. sounds yummilicious. :p

  3. starting something new and hopefully awfully exciting! well, same field but back home!! =) will keep you posted!!

  4. hahaha... i cant figure out what you drink with crab legs!! *shrugs* it was a tiring meal...
    we had 4 huge leg sections each.. boy oh boy!!

  5. WOWOWOWOWO will see u back in sunny singapore soon! take care and keep me posted!!

  6. centerpieces
    I love your treasure chest centerpieces! I am going to borrow your idea for a luncheon that I am hosting in April. Where did you get your table cloths?

  7. hihi! thanks for popping by! ;)
    my table cloth was from Clothe Connection! hope you find that information useful! if you don't have many tables, you can actually purchase material from a local fabric store! it'll function as well!


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