Thursday, July 19, 2007

party shopping...

In prep for koko's party, we hit the stores in Norfolk for the best selection of partyware! they had everything theme possible! Graduation, Casino, Pets, Cartoon Charaters all the way back to 80's.. and discount costumes of every possible character!!!

gigi says "hi!! ING!!!" (she cant say the Z in zhing!) and she says "blue wuw" when she says i love you!! awww so cute! and this baby is a dancing queen. she would shrug her shoulders and close her eyes and bob/nod to the music! totally hilarious!

stef through a peep-hole! =)

gigi NOT loving the pirate look..

me & mommies in our pirate gear! arrrrrr matey!!!

can anyone guess what this costume is????


  1. hi there!
    you look real cute in that pirate mask!
    and can i say i love your teeth? they are so straight!

  2. haha.. my dad paid through HIS teeth to get mine straightened!!
    but thanks! =)

  3. Angel
    Gigi looks like an angel. Not sure whether she acts the part tho.
    Ur teeth's too clean & too straight to make it as a pirate, Ms Darlie.

  4. Re: Angel
    hahah.. thanks! my orthodontist will beg to differ about the clean teeth part!
    hey! guess whats the last picture!!

  5. Beauty & the beast
    I'm not very well educated on Fairy Tales & children stories but my take would be tt, its a character, The enchanted shelf/drawers from Beauty & the Beast. Ttz as far as my imagination can stretch.

  6. Re: Beauty & the beast
    *shakes head* haha thats the best guess!!!!but still wrong!
    its a freaking ONE NIGHT STAND! how cool is that! haha


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