Thursday, July 19, 2007

murphy's law revisited

sitting here with a throbbing headache and my stomach-full of guilt.. my dearest friends, jiji & danyi have come and gone but the vacation ended on such a bad note that i felt responsible for the failure. (p.s. there were a lot of wonderful moments that i will remember but this is last and most lasting impression for now). *grr* 

9:30am phone call from Jetblue : flight cancelled due to thunderstorms. challenge # 1 was to get the gals to NYC by 7pm
9:30 - 11:30am made sure SQ didn't cancel their international flight, made marcin search for trains, bus, flights out from anywhere to NYC
11:30am decided to drive 7hours (and 7 hours back..) to NYC
12:00pm found out that gas leak at work so my 172 guest couldn't leave property to catch bus back to DC. CALAMITY!!
12:30pm pick judy up so i will have a driving companion (bless her heart!), her apartment didn't have water so we had to go to gas station for her to wash up..
1:30pm drove to RIC to pick up car with GPS, decided to try our luck and ran from counter to counter to ask if ANYONE at all was flyin luck =(
1:35pm caught wind that Delta had a bus chartered for their guests to NYC and decided to try our luck and hop on the bus. (the lady was extremely nice) 
1:40pm very thrilled cos we saved money!! and they will get there in time! so yippee...said bye, exchanged hugs and said short prayers for them..
3:00pm got lost and couldnt find shortpump mall... 
4:00pm finally ate breakfast/lunch & tried to do some shopping but was in perpetual unrest cos of excessive worrying.. (never denied that im a ball of emotional mess especially in stress) 
7:00pm braved evening traffic home to williamsburg
8:20pm reached home and receive call from jiji to call SQ to hold the seat for them
8:20 - 9:00pm girls were near the airport but not there.. flight was to depart at 9:20pm.. 
9:10pm girls were sent to the WRONG airport.. *pek chek* 
9:25pm finally gave up on the JFK flight. 
10:00pm learnt that there is a Newark flight at 11pm. tried to book seats
10:20pm gave up. start looking for hotel.
10:30 - 11:06pm HOTELS ALL BOOKED (what are the odds, seriously!!) 
11:10pm Girls found home in another dancer's place.. 

so frustrating. that i lay in bed and couldn't find any words or emotions befitting the current state of my mind. i think i just need today to pass...


  1. *HUGS* I'm sure they dont blame u. You did try all you could to get them there in time! *HUGS*

  2. still it feels bad that they left on such a bad note!

  3. i know! super unlucky right??? and i had to talk to my other dance friend and he told me maybe i "sway-ed" them!! (thanks junks..)


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