Thursday, July 12, 2007


i don't believe i have never been to miyakoi! its such a neat place to hang out! me n judy, (and her friends young, bobbi and heyong) were there last night, chilling at the sushi bar like seasoned locals. the owner, Mr Li, is the funniest and good-natured chef! no throwing knifes, smashing plates and he is all smiles all the time! we sat there for the entire night till dinner ended!

food was simple and good. kinda like homecooked meals.. nothing fancy like Hiyachi, no fancy displays or snazzy servers. and i loved his edamame peas. it was coated with salt and not mushy. i was singing praises about endlessly it when judy informed me that he bought them from E-mart frozen and pop it into a microwave... *duh*

happy from the catching-up/venting sesh with tums full of spicy chicken & edamame! =)

Judy, miss Ratatouille. we were trying to learn how to make sushi by silently watching the master make his. and we must have looked really hungry because he started giving us steamed egg, raw fish off the bar.. 

Mr Lee writing his chinese name for me! All Koreans have chinese character names but they read it differently! and they told me my Korean direct translation is Jiwoo! i love it. sounds so cute!!


  1. hi girl! wat a nice chef that is.. heehee
    and i think your korean name rocks!! =D

  2. apparantly there is a popular korean start that has that same name! wah! celeb status right form the start!

  3. wow! what an authentic looking place!
    i love japanese food in the USA dear. think i am addicted to it. hehehehe

  4. somehow i love it more than i do in singapore! maybe its cos of the scarcity and the novelty of feeling like im closer to home! =)


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