Thursday, July 19, 2007

house guests...

i had a wonderful time with my house guests, jiji & danyi!! they arrived on a 6 hour train (plus delays..) from philly on Monday evening and barely minutes after we put down the luggages in my home, jiji announce "we gotta be honest. we came here for two reasons. to see you and to shop. since we have seen you, we're ready to shop!" hahah.. i was pleasantly surprised cos that's living testament that some things never change despite our prolonged separation!! us DES gals will always give and arm and leg to go shopping! =)

the two days was a wonderful break from the monotony of work! i got to take off on tuesday and had everything planned to the T. but they veto-ed the theme park and decided to hit the malls! we had delicious food throughout the day and embarked on our non-stop shopping trip!!

meal time was a lovely opportunity to catch up, gossip and update each other with our lives! we imitated our dearest pal's version of chinese funk dance, casted our harsh judgement on freaks and we popped their latest dance DVD and we watched it with live commentary of who grabbed whom at the-body-part-we-don't-talk-about on stage and ridiculous stage moments and reminisced our horrendous and funny stage experiences which we shared .. so enthralling that we were chatting way past bedtime. very fun but it did make me miss dance so very much... JUST very glad that some things don't ever change.

them recording a documentary series of our entire trip!! think low budget home-made videos with heaploads of girly giggles... =)

jiji, looking like a japanese celeb and me looking like her maid..

chillin' on my deck chairs! (me and danyi)

thanks for coming!! hope you guys had fun! =)


  1. Wow, glad you had such a wonderful time!! =D and you're girlfriends are really funny.. =)

  2. No no definitely not
    U do NOT look like her maid, more like a rock star or a glam babe. Ur a total hottie cutie.

  3. Re: No no definitely not
    thanks babe.. you are always so complimentary! what will i do without you!

  4. yeah they are a trip! =) its always nice to have guests from home!


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