Saturday, July 14, 2007


more than 3 times a day, i repeat "3 awarding winning golf course on our property" to our clients but i've never really been out on the greens to play! how to upsell what you don't know well right? yesterday, we went out after work as part of teambuilding for a quick 9-holes on the Bray Links! i cant really figure out how some peeps play everyday and pay a full price for it! i was bored after a while but it was a beautiful day to be out so im not complaining much!

beautiful huh?

see that white dot ALMOST at the pin?? that's me!! =) woohoo! well i made a boogie(?) on this one! but i did look better in my golf gear than i play. *sheepish look*


  1. Hey, it's beautiful! and a good job indeed. I can't understand golf one bit. =p
    ohh and looking good in gear is more impt than how good your skills are actually. that's what i think. =p

  2. trust me i don't too! =) and that's after two years of hosting holf tournaments..


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