Monday, July 9, 2007

displaced in my own world..

yesterday, after church, we drove to Hampton to a tattoo parlor to shop for a new addition to Marcin's arm. *tsk* and the drilling and piercing sent chills through my spine. the tattoo artists looked like Harley-thugs and the clientele was not much better. i guess its the whole stigma of tattooing that didn't settle well. it was like a scene from Miami Ink, sans the cute bald guy.. but i opted to walk away from it all.. and popped next door to get my nails done. my regular nail place is like my second home, so how different would this one be, right? 

it was really odd cos i was the only customer at 12:30pm on a Sunday and everything was ok until the filing, buffing & massage was done and this guy yelled for his daughter, who is barely 8 year old?, and she started painting my toes. i felt so bad that it made me sick in the stommy. child labor right in front of my eyes.. i felt so bad and worst part is, i was right smack in the middle of US of A.. a supposed developed first world country.. it was just sad..

im just not used to such concepts and images. shielded in my own lala-land, i think that kids should spend weekends on picnics, having fun, at dance classes, out in the sun. not cooped up in a nails palor painting nails... 

really weird part of town that i doubt i will look forward to returning to. and a reality check that left a bad taste in my mouth. i didn't even feel like shopping after that. 



  1. ohh, you mean the guy did all the filing and massage and when it's time to paint, he yelled for his daughter and get her to do it?? mmm that's just sad..

  2. Aikx!
    Absolutely horrified. Assuming tt a guy did ur pre-painting procedure & then got his 8 yr old kid to do the painting. Geez! *Smacks forehead* I would have walked right out.

  3. Re: Aikx!
    i did think about it but what if that means she doesn't get tips? or he thinks she is slacking and smack her? i was so perplexed..

  4. i know.. and it was a sunday afternoon. which is supposed to be family/fun time right?


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