Monday, July 16, 2007

childhood dreams...

long long time ago, waiting for tuition to start (and that in itself says how long ago it was...) me and yingjie..

were walking through one of our fav shopping haunts of those times - takashimaya (we didn't have heeren and fareast was not that happening then..) and after seeing the beautiful ads and the famous reputable of the name in itself, we entered the huge daunting shop of Tiffany & Co. at the first floor in our school uniform.

BIG MISTAKE #1. the uniform

the shop attendants knew we were dirt poor. and would not be the typical clientele that they entertain so they didn't even bother to glance our way, which in my opinion is a true blessing. we got a chance to glance through all the beautiful jewellery, grossly huge diamonds, pointed our future engagement rings (mind you, we were barely 16 years old.. ) and secretly picked our baby's christening gifts. and i saw this...

MISTAKE # 2 : tried it on.. and fell in love with it.

price tag was OBVIOUSLY not what i fell in love with in fact, the price was probably 2 times my monthly pocket money. but long story short, i got it this weekend! =) and thats after looking high and low for it on the website countless times! hurray!!

so slowly, bit by bit my childhood dreams are coming true! maybe one day i will grow up and become a Fann-wong look-alike lawyer *grins* and drive a pink beetle!



  1. Hooray for dream comes true!! I'm faithfully waiting for mine! =p
    and the necklace you got suits you very much! nice choice girl! =D


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