Saturday, July 14, 2007

another day at work..

it was a quiet regular sluggish Friday the 13th, just plugging and chugging and counting down to the weekend..
until these little thugs came to visit!

on left, a lemur (prehistoric monkey, i think..) i wasn't too keen to get too close after he did a no. 2 on his trainer's shoulders.  and a kangaroo! (he had the softest fur!) and thumped around the entire office in circles! also, his trainer held him by his tail!!! (which apparantly is the strongest part of his entire body!) scary.. it looked really painful.

they popped in from Busch Gardens in between shows.. crazy innit? to have animals sniffing at our desk and running amok! =) feels like the safari all over again..


this weekend, i have many errands to run this week:
1) get a much-needed trim...
2) clean the house & do laundry for all my ballet towels!
3) stock up on snacks!!!
4) go shopping for koko's pirate party!!
5) plan the itinery for the gals...


  1. hey, how often do you get to see these animals in your office right?? hahaha and the monkey is really naughty! have fun with your errands! *winks*

  2. it was hilarious! there was commotion in the office and i peek out only to see a kangeroo thumping by next to me. for a moment i thought it was time to take some pills...


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