Friday, June 22, 2007

victoria secrets..

Blame it on the girl. Rashmi wanted to go shopping so i had to take her!! and boy did we shop! =) and everyone was having their bi-annual sale at the same time! what a blessing!!

these are my most excellent purchases! The transparent strapped convertable bra (very comfy and the straps are so convenient for skinny strapped & low cut tops!) and the Secret Embrace bra! (the material is AMAZING! its so cooling and smooth!) I got the one with scalloped with lacy cut out! too cute!! *boink* im so excited... i'd be more thrilled if i did look like them in pictures...

which reminded me! back home, i was always a great fan of Victoria's Secret and being so far away from the actual stores, we resorted to late night online shopping in deaf's hall. a whole handful of us would pool together our resoures and orders and split the shipping. so crazy about their clothes & lingerie!! so after i came to US, my then-boyfriend asked if i was excited. and me being a smart-ass told him "VS is like beedees here. ain't it odd is somebody gets all jumpy and excited over Beedees or Wacoal?" hehe..

we also went into:
Forever 21 (Dresses and one toga top)
Bath & Bodyworks (stocked up on my Summer bath foam: Iced Tea Delights)
Yankee Candle (22 oz huge jar of Grapefruit Splash!)

and settled for dinner at Cheddar's and i felt so bad cos its a burger joint and Rash is vegetarian! but the kitchen made her some yummy lasagna with cheese and tomato sauce!! and we had their famous spinach dip!

it was a yummy evening! we should certainly do this more often, Rash!


  1. you nd to post the pics of ur buys.. i like the bras though! haha.. :) maybe shd ask u to get for me. hahah

  2. nah.. just writing about is a reminder that i really should stop! the rest are not very aesthetic looking as well! =)

  3. and at great prices too!! the discounts are too much to resist!


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