Thursday, June 28, 2007

time to breathe!

off-days are meant to be relaxing, no plans, sleep in, no stress, no schedule, no deadlines, no make-up...

well.. i failed for all of the above cept for the no make-up part.. for one, this was on my to-do list before noon! (deadline was set in stone!) i jumped right out of bed way before my regular wake up time!

1) post office
2) hair cut
3) mani & pedi
4) bank
5) car wash
6) oil change for car..

*roll eyes*

chilling in my patio with my breakfast!! (which subsequently slide down the tray  onto the grass when i was trying to balance the tray, my magazine, my camera and my phone..) so i had to remake the entire breakfast again!!

beer school!! =) it was so much fun! i tried Stonemill organic beer, Landshark Lager(?) which is pale lager beer, spykes (8 % alcoholic energy drink) and Redbridge (wheat & gluten free beer)  all very delicious and different. but the concept of tasting beer with berries, grapes, cheese and dark chocolate really baffles me! to me, beer is a grill-out and pizza drink.. maybe i ain't that much of a beer connoisseur after all! and marcin got cut off cos he was trying to finish my beer for me. total alcoholic in the making.

we had so much fun! we had strawberry ice-creams, beers to walk around with, strolling round the park going on all the rides! it was awesome. the lines were not that long and the park wasn't awfully packed!

the parrot that "whistled" at me!! hilarious!! and look how short i am!!!

p.s. i was shopping around cos i was a wuss and didn't dare to do the Griffon and walked into this random little shop in France! and typically its pricier in amusement parks but the Roxy flipflops were only $12!!! wow!!! it was a shame the cosmetics polka dotted bag i wanted was the very last piece and it was flawed in the zipper!! oh darnit!

oh great! im ready for my next day off!


  1. hi girl, you look great and your breakfast look divine! glad that you had such a wonderful day off. =)

  2. without make-up?? seriously, you will be shocked at how long it took me to decide to post the pictures!!! (p.s. im very vain)
    day offs make me lazzzzy..


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