Wednesday, June 6, 2007


i've been doing some soul searching recently. why im so darn unsociable and clique-ish. what sort of person im turning into. other than work functions that are completely compulsory, parties with friends (and exclusively people i like ONLY) and coffee/post dinner treats with close friends are the only social functions i would consider attending. even when parties are held at my own house, i would dress up, grab a couple of bites, exchange some niceties and hole up in my bedroom and pop in a movie... it has reached its rock bottom when there was a cook out at home and because i didn't like the baby (who is particularly whiney and spoilt), i worked an extra shift and stayed till the cook out was over... 

seriously, not quite the socail butterfly i used to be. 

on one hand, i feel like meaningless social exchanges is a complete waste of time and on the other hand, i feel like having a wider social circle would probably do me some good. 

so back to what started me thinking. Rashmi invited me to meet her friends from Charlottesville and is throwing a pizza party.. im was not particularly thrilled but turned up to be nice with chips, salsa, spinach dip, port wine cheese and gourmet crackers from a box.. and we had a peaceful dinner watching "america's got talent" and flipping through tabloids and then the group grew bigger.. the mexican amigos (who didn't speak english) came to join in.. some other european interns came and stood by the road, halken came by to bide farewell and the hostess was jumping from group to group and we hardly saw her afterwhich.. 

long story short, got bored, packed up, exchanged "nice to meet you"s and hugs and headed back. 

at least i tried, right?


  1. you are not alone
    dearie, you are not alone. i hang out a lot of times with exclusive people too. no point sticking around with people you don't really know or enjoy their company especially when it's time for yourself. yes, i agree that's time wasted. but, some people will think i'm unsociable. but who cares. hehe. this is the second time i agree with you.

  2. Re: you are not alone
    dearest mystery person! who are you?? hehe..


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