Monday, June 18, 2007

prime outlets is the bomb!!!

im jumping the gun a little..  but this is really exciting!!

finally got a day off and unleashed the suppressed shopaholic in me.. hit the outlet malls for shoes, cheap designer clothes,make up and check out my new baby!! in pink!!! *whoops* now i can return marcin his boring silver one!!

checklist of what i got:

MAC eye primer
MAC eye shadow
Clinique sunblock (mum will be proud)
Banana Republic work clothes
CK knitted shrug (for work)
BCBG summer dresses
BCBG sexy shoes
Daddy's fathers' day present (its a surprise!!)

And i was eyeballing a pair of Prada shades. marked down tremendously. still borderline unaffordable and thats when i usually put it down and walk away politely.  but the bargain hunter in me jumped out. and i tried it on. and it was perfect!!! the label was not LOUD like Armani and Chanel's. and the shape was gorgeous!! *drools* we'll see.

but on a more serious note. i burnt a hole in my pocket. and mind you this is excluding the online shopping yingjie & me chalked up in one night. i really have to stop if not i'm going to sampan myself home..


  1. what r u waiting for?
    marked down tremendously is a gd enuff reason 4 me!

  2. hey girl was there my fuscia coach bag? :( hahah.. i'm still anxiously waiting for my goodies to arrive to u! hahah..

  3. buy more!!!
    coz no where in spore will u b able to get such steals.

  4. wow nice pink camera you got there girl!! and such great haul!! good for you! yea

  5. haha.. im quite serious about having to sampan myself home!
    but im swaying towards yes... darnit i have absolutely no self-restraint!

  6. i would have called you in excitement if i saw it!! =)
    i should arrive soon.. it was shipped already!

  7. thanks! =) i love it. it has face detection system!

  8. flo is bad bad influence. but you are totally right!

  9. dddddaaayong sampannnnn......dayong dayong sampaaaaannnnn~ -hands u an oar and a fisherman's hat-

  10. *roll eyes* babes. its serious matter. not joke! my one-way ticket home costs the same as return.. goodness!

  11. ahhh...then u've really gotta stop. maybe selling a couple of your Coach-es will help=D


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