Monday, June 18, 2007

hibachi : japanese cuisine

highly recommended by Judy. and when its recommended by someone that lived in Japan, you know its trustable! Met after church at Newport News Center to try out this japanese place that Judy has been raving about. the interior was astonishing. very chic and simple. feels like you are stepping into a different world!

all very famished!

best miso soup! very salty and thick!!

Deep Fried Tou Foo with Bonita flakes. both me n judy watched "i-don't-eat-anything-from-the-sea" marcin gawk in amazement at the moving bonita bits. hahah it was priceless! should have taken a video! only kind-hearted Christine volunteered him information that it was fish flakes!!

Marcin & Christine's Beef Yakiniku with Asparagus

My Sea Bass with Spicy Miso Paste! it was delicious. so fresh it cut like butter and the texture was like scallops!

Judy's YakiSoba.. yums!! =)

the white boy that insisted on eating everything ala-asian style. polishing his salad, ate every single grain of rice and sparing no drop of teriyaki sauce on the place all with one pair of chop stick! i couldn't have done better myself. *kowtow*

Delicious lunch! with wonderful company... we were all fighting to tell stories! people from the next table must have though we have not met in years. when in actual fact we work together and live less than a stone throw away! *grins* wanted to end the meal with a scoop of green tea icecream but they had none. so i guess we have to go back to try it the next time!


  1. hi girl! you're lookin very pretty!! i always love your very sunny smile! and the food is really makin my drool! i love miso.. esp salty!!!

  2. i know! i think its my no. 1 comfort food! =) that with steamed fish made my day!

  3. yes u are very pretty babe!
    and i love love love japanese cuisine! especially kaiseki :-)

  4. thanks! you are too =)
    japanese food is always trustably yummy!


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