Monday, June 18, 2007

hampton block party..

no.. not THE Hamptons. just our little version of paradise - hampton city center, 40 mins away from home!! this is me cam-whoring. my room is its utmost state of disarray.. i had to change tops too many times. *tsk* the woes of being a girl.
Every saturday, this stretch of little pubs and quirky shops closes the entire street and people stand around chatting, dancing with beers in hand. just chill-laxing to the music. live music is played till 11pm and then people will scoot into pubs/clubs and continue partying the night away!

darling jodi and me!

zhingy and katherine! she has such beautiful blue eyes....
jessie, janet and katherine!

(missing in pictures, the only boy mike!!)

oh! worthy to note. within minutes of stepping in the party, janet had this weird guy coming up to her and telling her she is beautiful. grabbed her left hand to check the ring finger and asked her to marry him. *woah* way too weird for me but we were laughing at it for the entire night.


  1. nice pics girl! wat a great night out and you sure looked like you had really great fun and great company! looking good as usual! =D

  2. thanks! =) it was surprisingly fun. but i was the only non-white person there!!!


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