Saturday, June 9, 2007

dressing up..

oooo.. maybe cos its summer, or maybe cos its scorching 105 degress outside, but recently i have taken a liking to dresses. used to favor skirts more because i can mix and match tops. Already quite a chore to drag my sleephead outta bed, what more find outfits that match that are uber-cute so that it will motivate me to go to work! people go to work for money, for power, i go to work to dress up.. honestly, im nothing more than a ditzball... *roll eyes*

anywhos, these swooshy dresses from anthropologie makes me wish i had a lemonade in hand and twirling on the beach again. that and that i own a house in NewYork and the real-life store is a stone throw away!!

love the accessories & home decor as well. all so unique and whimsical!! once again, my eyes are bigger than my pockets. these itsy trinkets don't come cheap! my hand-stiched ring (see right) already is USD$148 and its not only sterling silver!!!

mummy, i really miss you! then you can buy it for yourself and i'll share. permanantly.


  1. the dresses are gorgeous babe! i am sure u will look so beautiful in them. am in new york now :-)

  2. we are "in"
    been buying many dresses too. :)

  3. you are??? you are only 1 hours away from me!! shop more for me!!! *huggies*

  4. Re: we are "in"
    aren't they the best! i wish i could wear them with flipflops to work! that would make me a happiest muffin!


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