Wednesday, June 27, 2007

cutie petutie...

one day off and im all cheerful and bright again! i had a wonderful mid-week day off just to kick off my shoes and chill. gave myself day off cos i noticed how increasingly short-tempered and frustrated i was getting at work.

oh! and this morning during the Employee Communication Meeting, when no one was speaking up/offering answers to her questions, my GM said "c'mon someone.. do a zhingy on me please!". (i.e. jump up and wave hands insanely, going "me! pick me! i volunteeerrrr!!!") great. now even my GM knows how insanely uncool and enthusiastic i am.

which reminds me! when i was home for CNY, i was speaking to Debbie and she was proudly telling us she was a class monitress. and when we asked was it for good behavior? or good grades? leadership qualities? she said "orh.. because hor, when the teacher ask who want to be, i raise my hands first!!!" *slaps forehead*.

and this email made my morning! check out at annu's darling daughter! such a big gal with a fabulous smile! just liek mommy!  the last time i saw her, she was a baby!!! awww... cant wait to meet and play with her!
makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside seeing my pals' kids! =)


  1. Glad that you're having a good break girl. =)
    ohh those cupcakes are sooooo PRETTY!!! got bling bling! I likey! =P
    And wow, your pal's girl is oreadi so big huh...

  2. i like it too!! and yes she grew up way too fast!!!


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