Saturday, May 12, 2007

this morning...

i must have slept in an awkward angle last night because i woke up with a horrid neckache.. rummaged through my stash of creams & medicine and found salon-pas stickons!!! SUPER! just what i needed so i ran into the shower. And im a bathfoam freak.. i have several bathsets to match the mood of the day.. decided today was going to be a fruity day so i used my Bath&BodyWorks Pearberry showergel, body cream and finished my ritual with a splash of the body spritz and stuck on my salon pas.

no prize for guessing which scent im wearing right now...


  1. hehhehe! bath and body works! glorious scents from there babe! love their stuff. hee salon-pas is good! i stick them on my back and the aches soothe! u should also try tiger balm's hot and cold stickons. they are gooood.

  2. i wish salon pas came in less vile scents.. maybe lavender or at least mint!!! *grins*


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