Monday, May 21, 2007

mystery solved..

the days of picture-less blogging is coming to an end! my dad fixed my camera/memory card problem! i was totally freaking out cos my memory card was starting to turn my pictures into "invalid sourced" files!! and being the IT-doofus of the century, i was completely mortified and convinced myself i needed to buy ....


but alas! all is good. methinks i probably can wing another couple of months outta my poor beaten up camera! 

i wish i had it handy at lunch today cos we went to NAWAB!! they serve Northern Indian Cuisine and absolute sweetheart, Rashmi, decided to treat us lunch after church! it was a fantabulous lunch of curries (toned down non-spicy ones for the americans..) and yogurt dressing! for dessert, we had Kulfi icecream, Bulab Jamun & the best mango yogurt drink ever! beats the western smoothies hands down!!! we really should do this more often, babes! =)

and i watched the final episode of Greys... (not to be a spoiler) but boy, was i a furious girl when it ended... *grr*


  1. sounds like a great lunch! and the cam you wanted is again so you! =D *whispers: throw the old cam on the floor*

  2. Yum!
    I love North Indie food. Yummy! Its Gulab Jamun, doofus. What the heck is a Bulab Jamun. So cute! Think u had the Mango Lassi. Its awesome. I prefer the plain one tho.

  3. hahah.. i cant..i bought that camera with my first paycheck at dance!! and it has been faithfully on my side for the last 5 years!!!

  4. Re: Yum!
    hahah... sorry! Once again, you can tell thats my virgin visit to indian restaurant! =) OMG the rose Lassi was so pretty but weird tasting.. i was expecting bandung but it wasn't anything like that!

  5. Such a lovely gift! Love the design :)


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