Sunday, May 20, 2007

me & my dad..

sometimes im such a sentimental ball of nerves. i got off work early before the stores close (for the first time in ages..) and decided to hop over to Ukrops to pick up sushi for dinner and some fresh cherries. happen to pass by Target so i popped in and started browsing at Fathers'Day Card.

im such a card freak that i sent my mum 2 cos i couldn't decide which message better describe how i felt. but knowing my dad, if i did the same. he will severe all ties and stop sending contact lenses over.. *roll eyes*

1st card i pick up was very fun. the front had a girl with price tags all over here. "perfect teeth $5000", "shoes $126", "college education $20,000" and "a dad that pays for it all..." the inside said "priceless." i thought that was hilariously familiar so i held that in the hand..

then i saw one that said "when does a little girl stop needing her daddy?" and the inside said "i'll let you know when i find out!" thought that one was cute too. so i added that to the stack.. this went on for a good ten minutes until i saw this card.

and it said "people always say that girls will remember their first love for a long long time. daddy, i will love you forever." and i got all misty eyed, had to put the ENTIRE stack back to the rack and run back to the car..

i think i miss home more than i know.


  1. Aww.
    All the cards are doggone sweet! * I love Target, been to the one in Melbourne, Aussie* How I wish my ties with my dad wasnt severely damaged. But oh well. I m glad at least you gotta Great one. Treasure it, doll!

  2. Re: Aww.
    im sorry to hear, babes.. yeah my dad's a real sweetheart!! come visit me!! and i'll give you all the Targets you can dream of!


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