Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mothers' day, mummy!!!!

if i could give you all the purses in the world, i would!! *grins* and then you'll have to share all of them with me!! check out how cute these cookies are from eleni's !!! the whimsical collection of custom made cookies have multiple themes for everyone! i luve the house warming, wedding and breat cancer awareness ones!!! too precious!

but oh! i digress.. to all the wonderful mummies out there!!! have a wonderful day. and to all the ladies like my ee, my jiu mu, yima, teachers, fantastic ladies that made a difference in my life, thank you!! i love you so. very. mucho.. *blow kisses from afar*


  1. WOW!! But sucks that they're in NY.. wish they were in AU so I can order :P

  2. *heh* make sure you let me know when you come to NY and i'll get you some!

  3. Wow! I am inspired to try and make them!!

  4. go check out the webbie for even more designs!!! so pretty i bet i'll be very hesitant to bite into them!


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