Tuesday, May 8, 2007


to start off the exciting events for this weeks, we have a whole bunch of parties lined up! last night was a cute golf theme!

tonight is the Asian Players Party Reception which is my baby!! =) instead of using the typical red and gold brocades with dragon motifs and umbrellas like we have done in the past, i went for a zen bamboo green look with heaps of greenery & frosted votives. and we have vendors bringing in Thai, Korean and Sushi stations with chefs, food demostrations and the full works!

hopefully it will turn out as cool as i envision. im super excited that i was whooping in delight when the linen came in..

seriously, i have no life!

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  1. It oreadi sound so cool as you describe it. I'm sure it'll turn out nicer than you even thought!! pictures, pictures, PICTURES PLEASE! =D


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