Thursday, May 10, 2007

blind worshippers...

today i was in my golf shirt, khakis & cap cruising around in my golf cart when i got stopped by a (read clearly) MALE fan who handed me a soft toy caddy cover and wanted me to sign on his autograph book.. 

out of pure pity and inability to come up with a smooth un-awkward rejection line, i quickly chicken scrawled something that resembles NOTHING like my name.. (i made sure of that) and said thanks and drove away..

through the rear mirror, i truely made someone's day! =)

p.s. gave the soft toy caddy to some kiddo in a pram... i don't even own a set of golf clubs!!


  1. how does it feel to be a star for one day? =p

  2. whee!! can i have an autograph too when u come back? keep for nxt time lah...when u become celebrity wedding planner, i'll photocopy and sell=)

  3. hahaha silly girl.. =)*grins* i miss you!!!

  4. *grins* cheap thrill! but today another guy told me while i was zipping by in my golf cart that i was going to win this year! haha my boss who was next to me said "thank you, we know." haha... silly!

  5. Superstar!
    aH. u muz have resemble some world class Asian golf player hitting the major golf leagues or something. haha..
    I think i have got ur autograph from our secret love notes we used to send to each other *messages of motivation & etc* during the good old Scarlet days.
    Miss ya babe =)

  6. Re: Superstar!
    haha i must be resembling ANY asian golf players! like us, the americans think all asians look alike! =)
    awww. i miss you too babes... *hugs*


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