Thursday, May 31, 2007

black & celedon wedding...

a very unusual choice of black and celedon with silver highlights/irridescent tones. i really love how the ballroom transformed from the typical frou frou bridal fluff into something different. it was nice for a change but i doubt this color scheme will go quite well with chinese brides!!!

loved the ice sculpture and the use of green apples in the centerpieces.. wished i got a better picture of the head table because the detail was awesome! the bride works at the resort and pretty much did everything on her own which added a unique touch to it all! her wedding favors were little potted hygrangeas (see first two pictures) that was used as namecard holders as well and men got poker cards with their names on it! very very detailed and well thought of.


  1. snore.
    y dont my couples ever get anything besides the standard banquet decor? y dont they choose unusual wedding favors? god knows ive seen 843892 keychains and 45952 chocs and ..... BAH.

  2. wow this is nice! such unusual theme for a wedding! I know I can never see it in singapore.

  3. haha.. flo, next time i give each guest a puppy dog as a wedding favor! =) make sure you'll catch that on film!

  4. hehe.. im not even sure if i will dare to do it myself! my gma may possible faint and refuse to attend.


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