Tuesday, April 3, 2007

in atlanta:: yummydory korean cuisine..

on our first night in Atlanta, we requested that Mike brought us for Korean food. and he took us Hanwoori (an international chain of korean food) near Doraville and we drove past a massive asian market! (huge like Kmart!!)  which im absolutely jealous of.. in fact the korean community is so huge in Atlanta that there is a Korean Town with everything Korean inside, hairdresser, coffee joints, bubble tea... *drools*


awesome menu of Hanwoori! the interior of this place was completely asian...with banboo leaf curtains, shiny glossy table top, chop sticks, hot plate and even korean papers which judy quickly grabbed a copy! i think i would be thrilled if i saw a chinese newspaper though my chinese reading skills has probably degenerated to a pri. 5 level.. but woohoo! Hanwoori was food-paradise (im sorry. cheap thrill but when you are deprived, everything because extremely exciting..)

reminder to self: when in Korea, remember to serve guests first, if not 7-years of bad sex will befall.. (kinda like the clinking of wineglasses and not maintaining eye contact.) *grins*

my fav. part about korean dishes.. the side dishes! tiny nibblets of preserved veges, beans, seaweed, tau geh and everyone is a mouthful of flavour!! we opted for three most popular korean dishes, the BBQ beef, stirfried kimchi with toofoo & fried tapioca noodles!!! and judy swears that korean food is healthy!! so we had a night of guilt-free binging only to be continued by desserts and drinks at Nawa, a trendy hangout spot that is merely 50 ft from the boys apartment!

woohoo!!! asian food galore!!


  1. woo. korean food counts as one of my fave asian cuisine!
    but do you know that in korea, they recycle the tiny side dishes if you dun finish them? i've heard of colleagues who've witnessed the owners of the food joint that we usually frequent dump everything back into the respective pots, and scoop it out again for the next customers? haha gross i know.. but ya it's true!

  2. eeeeeeks now you tell you!! gross.. hopefully these people dun do the same!!!
    shocking discovery but i still really lurve korean food!!


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