Monday, April 2, 2007

walk right back into my life.... NOT.

coupla weeks ago, i received a fairly odd email from the ex (latest one) just something casual. very very queer indeed because the last "just dropping in to say hi.." message less than a month after we broke off our relationship dropped a bomb- that he found someone else, he found his exact clone that he is happy with.. and life went on after a few tumbles & rumbles. 

so the arrival of this email was met with a raise of the brow and lots of caution. minutes after, my mum called to say he spoke to her and informed her that he wanted to fly to the states to surprise me. *raise eyebrow more..* the same guy that less than 3 months ago told me a ticket to usa is too expensive and that his family-owned business doesn't allow him to take anymore leave..

but we spoke. i ranted. and nope, i did not go running back into his open arms. its a matter of principle, and stubborness on my side but mostly, i find it hard to trust someone that replaced me in a heartbeat. *shrugs* maybe im too self-important but in my own heart. im irreplaceable. 

funny how the moment you are truely contented and happy, life throws you a curl ball.


  1. Hey girl,
    You talked to him after we spoke the last time? But I was just thinking, maybe it took some separation to let HIM realise that u are irreplacable. and that he was a fool for letting you go..

  2. *shrugs* nah. just means he wasn't convince and committed enough. what will be will be..

  3. strong, lady... it could be unsettling but you're not letting it. that's sth to admire.
    love you. you're always radiant and happy in the pics.

  4. love you too! yeah..
    at the same time im trying to figure out if i just should take the easier and more 'socially-expected/accepted' path. *grrr* be strong, my heart!!


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