Friday, April 27, 2007

National Beer Wholesaler Association..

simple, easy to carry floral centerpieces and votives from IKEA.

where i made a quick stop at the food section for the hotdogs, yoghurt ice-cream and daim chocolates!! =) reminding of switz & our chocolate guzzling habits & post-dance hot-dog frenzies with derek!! (last we we conquered, we polished 4 each!! ) *burps*

and this theming is what me & my boss call the "signature 2006" look. first born at the 2006 LPGA and later replicated multiple times due to the dramatic colors and the fun polkdots on the chairs.. eventually got quite tired of this look but still, it garners the "wow" factor when you walk into the room!

actually, nothing i would be blogging about typically BUT this was our competiter's room! so in contrast, i reckon we did a darn fancy job! =)


  1. You did the set-up for this event? wow.. neat!

  2. -laughs.
    wat a contrast.
    or did u merely take a pic of theirs when they were not done setting up? -winks.

  3. hahaha that was a thought! nah, im not so jian! they were totally set up with guests and all already!!
    how typical of me though, so competitive! *sigh*

  4. i was thinking the same thing! lol.
    i love the polka dots! and the room is so beautiful compared to the...uh...side picture of their room that you took. lol.


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