Thursday, April 5, 2007

last of my atlanta adventures..

Atlantic City is the newest home/office/shopping establishment in Atlanta. Since the boys are in realty & building, they wanted to take a peek and we tagged along. basically, the concept is pretty cool, everything that you need is within walking distance and apparantly thats the newest 'in'-thing for Atlanta. and there i was thinking 'hey! we have that in singapore too!" *so proud*

Robert & my bling-zing phone, me staring hungrily at the menu, Mike & judy (regretting your lasik operation already??)

we settled for lunch at Cheesecake Factory!!! they had ginormous portions that was brilliantly put together! Each of our pasta were so different but yummy still! I loved my angel hair pasta with mushroom & huge juicy shrimps but the portion was larger than (2) meals put together. SERIOUSLY. my eyes are certainly much bigger than my stomach because after lunch, i proceeded to diligently study the dessert menu. shame on me! *tsk* curiously, the largest portion of my expenditure this atlanta trip was to food.

coffee & chilling out @ Maum! the post-lunch sluggishness was setting in so we each grabbed a magazine and settled in comfy armchairs next to the fireplace and sipped tea. the concept of Maum is very asian with itsy bitsy bitelets, fresh bread with green bean stuffings and biscuits!! so tempting... (p.s. got Judy to snap that picture for me because everyone behind me was asian!! felt like i was back home already!!!)

Judy dancing with joy. she says "i love Maum as well!"

Us at Chim Jil Bang, Korean Family Sauna!! When they first mentioned it, it sounded extremely shadey, coupled with the stories they were actuality, Its a popular family pastime where families hang out together for the entire day. (so no hanky-panky naughty fun..) on the interior, there are little eskimo igloos with different elements inside: charcoal, mud, salt, crystals, ice, etc. and its deliciously warm inside but not like a sauna!! and outside is a cafeteria with korean food & snacks, a swimming pool and plasma tvs!!! hilarious to see people of all ages in the same orange tee & grey oversized shorts.. when you get the a private sections (which is separated by gender) where there is whirlpools, massage & steam saunas where you go in naked. it was an eye opener for me but really wished there was one near home. a one-stop family friendly healthclub. it may have been my imagination but my swollen ankles felt a lot better the next day and i slept like a baby that night..

next day, we were on our plane home to good old town of williamsburg..

buh-bye, skyscrapers!! till our next trip! *waves*


  1. you are so cute! ALWAYS full of smiles in every picture! makes me wanna smile too! =^.^=

  2. awww.. thanks! im glad i have that effect on you!!
    btw that is my cheesy pose for camera smile that i had ever since i was 4!!


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