Thursday, April 12, 2007

in the cold...

someone should remind me that i reside in the United States of America.. here i am, watching the latest MTVs, sitting in front of my spanking new laptop, waiting on my state-of-the-art dryer to "iron" my shirts AND freezing my butt off even with TWO thermal blankie draping over me in my winter coat & socks. and guess what? im waiting for water to boil over my stove (in various sizes of pots and pans...) so that i can have a luke-warm bath..

darnit. the last time i had to do this in hainan island at age 10, i swore that i would never do this again. and hah! retribution for speaking too fast.

drats. and i guess i will be shivering in my sleep AGAIN tonight too. all this because my oil tank in my house is empty!! and yes, we do pay our bills on time every single month but i guess someone dropped the ball, forgot to refill our tank and we suddenly found ourselves in an igloo of a house on the coldest days in April. very bizaarrre..

*drats* and i just poured (2) pots of hot water into the ice cold water in the tub only to make it relatively cold. not even room temperature yet.. maybe i really should take up my boss's offer to shower at her place.. *grrr*


  1. aw, that sucks. =/
    reminds me of my showering days in vietnam. it's extremely hot there but they use cold water. hmm...yeah, no body bother to tell me. T_T

  2. ohh, hope somebody will come fill your oil tank soon.. take care!

  3. till now, still no news. oil is my roomie's responsibility! just wished she bothered about it more.

  4. ahhh.. at least its extremely hot outdoors.. i was freezing inside and outside..*bleah*

  5. Poor thing
    Oh! Whattapity. Did you take a shower in the end or gave up? *Grins*
    Ttz truly bizarre to have sucha freak weather in April.

  6. Re: Poor thing
    hahaha i boiled 7 pots of water, sat ankle deep warmish water and "showered" and washed my hair over the sink.. very ungratifying..
    but now the heater is back on. so all is good.


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