Monday, April 2, 2007

in atlanta:: the grape

our first meal in Atlanta was at a comfy chic nook near Doraville (the suburbs) while waiting for the boys to get off work! the interior was mystical, and lush looking with purple velvet everything! but we opted for the outdoor dining area so we can catch some sun!

i was never quite a wine connoisseur but The Grape was fantastic! it was like "Wine Appreciation for Dummys" they had a page with an explanation of the 10 categories of wine they offer, in each category, they carry up to 20 wines and with each food on their menu, they write down their wine recommendation. so no need to crack your brains!!

chicken fajitas with sun-dried tomato sauce! & Roma Tomato & Fresh Mozerella with fresh cranberry-walnut break!! excellent food for very affordable prices! we ended up paying USD$16 each for drinks and food!!

sante, my friend!


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