Monday, April 9, 2007

fashion meme..

Your three favourite colours for clothes: gosh..  its browns, whites & pinks for now.. =)

Your accessory weakness: i love everything!! im an accessory whore. i love structured bags.. i love handmade jewellery, i love tiffany & co's sparkly baubles and im loving this anthropologie hand-stitched ring right now..

Your favourite gem: diamonds.

Your favourite clothing: starched white shirts, my Aldo shoes, my bcbg cocktail dress, my red bubble skirt, .. oh! i love my indian sari-inspired dress from ming as well!

Your must have jewellery: My Tiffany butterfly chain & ring...

Your watch: fossil stark with blings..

Your favourite pair of jeans: my good ole levis..

Your favourite designer: Kate Spade for her bright colors.. bcbg for the girlish flairs... jimmy choos sky-high killer stilettos.. (one can only dream..)

I tag whoever loves this fluff & stuff..


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