Monday, April 2, 2007

in atlanta:: Day # 2

one of the must-visits! Atlanta was where the first coca cola company started, only selling 8 bottle per day! 

a very yummy sunny day to be out in the sun!

and we tasted some of the 40 different sodas (that are coca-cola owned) from round the world. finally tried coke zero (which everyone raves about but i found the taste very mechanical & empty..) the most awful one was from italy. it tasted like a bitter aperitif. *irks* at the end of this soda taste-all-you-can experience, i was positively floating from the sugar high and proceeded to feel really sick..

*Always, Coca-cola*


  1. lol. i love their polar bear commercials! ^.^

  2. it was a blast from the past!! i was like a kid pointing "oh i know that one!"!!


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