Wednesday, April 25, 2007

because im spoilt rotten.

ever so often, i get my fav treat: hazelnut cheesecake in chocolate & delicious raspberry sauce in a takeaway box after work!


  1. Wow cheesecake! looks really yummy. I thought you made it yourself again.. and I was thinking to myself I got to kidnap you!

  2. the cake is soooooooooo pretty! i want it as wedding cake! glad u are home and all comfy babe. i love the hammock u have! always wanted to sit in one but never did before.hugs babe

  3. yummy! looks super yumyum! dang...and there's my fav nut innit too!!!
    anw...THE workplace is looking to employ another wedding/social events manager. u keen? if so...can write in or something le~ coz' so far...HR has been getting me boss corporate/outdoor catering ppl. and she dun like~ somemore she has to solve the problem abt getting more space for the will take some time to process applications=)

  4. Re: yummy!
    YES KEEN. VERY. i will email you...
    and yes. im still greedy like that. when you feed my tummy, you feed my heart...*grins*

  5. actually there is a bride that thinks like you! she had a white chocolate cheesecake with MANY butterflies around it. very pretty!! =)

  6. hahahahahah you are cute. nah.. i don't make such pretty things! the pastry kitchen made that for the restaurant..


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