Thursday, March 1, 2007

zhing's take on the Sims 2

i admit, i was never a computer game expert. i never owned a nintendo, playstation, nothing. still don't know how to use a joy-stick, rather risk being a bad gf than to game with my WOW-crazed-then-boyfriend, in-fact i know the super mario song better than i knew the game... 

blame it on the mum. she never taught me how to play.

but figured out that since im such a HUGE control freak and since life sometimes do give you lemons, why not indulge in some cyber-pseudo mock-life dream world.. maybe i can score some points in the areas im majorly lacking in.. plus i really thought that being able to smooch and "woo-hoo" anyone walking on the street was hilarious.

i mean in the game, its all about me, me and ME! i can choose to kiss, flirt, chat with practically anyone without consequences. everyone spoke in weird lingo that sounds like "ninoo-sing-china-gaa-noonahh??". i was tall, skinny, goth make-up, tame straight hair, my name was Kiera and everything is so refreshingly different! 

but if there is anything i learnt, its that its a moral-less world. when she needed a ride, she had to flirt with the sheriff. if she needed food, she sold a friends' secret. How weird yet how real is that???!! and just as the spinning world started to get to me, she got a real sweet deal! she bought a mansion for $800.00 with a french maid, costume and all !!! WOW! i was floored.. 

so i pressed on. 2 hours into my game on the teeny-screened PSP threatening to make me throw up cos it kept spinning round and round, Kiera died because while trying to make some soup cos her hunger level was dipping low and the ghosts in the house kept scaring the hoots out of her. (no wonder i got such a good price. *grumbles*) its a no-win situation. if she sat in bed, she would need to pee, when she got up, some random ghost will jump on her from behind.. 

so im done with the game i guess. i failed.

but lesson learnt: i guess even in cyberworld, life's not always a piece of low-fat-pecan-praline-cheese-cake!! (if that even exist in the first place..) *grins* so i guess, just deal with it. like the sign that sits in my dining room reads "when life hands you snow, make a snowman!!"


  1. believe it or not! i used to play the Sims too! but i got bored after a while, cldnt seem to find an objective for the game 'cept to get the characters date or something.

  2. i was so addicted to that for a while

  3. yeah! i remember!! but i totally suck at that game *poo*...

  4. *shrugs* i also dunno.. there was no bigger goal.. and *grrr* those ghost are not even realistic.


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