Monday, March 12, 2007

"hi. my name is zhing, im your server for today. what can i get you?"

woohoo!! they approved me for extra hours as a server at the marina this summer!! how exciting! i can finally put some of my swiss-f&b training to good use. and the best part is that i will be serving with stephanie!! and the al-fresco restaurant at the marina is gorgeous! its going to be so much fun.

i've served in the fine-dining french restaurant in school but that was all students and staff so it was ok to mess up. this time is for real! Thursday is my first on-the-job training so i hope everything will be fine. when i was told i was put on the shift, i flooded Marcin with 3 million questions. what the third entree on the menu, why cant they request for steak done medium (cos its against virginia law..), when do i card people for drinks (card whenever you are in doubt. especially if you want more tips..) i must have gone overboard with the questions because he eventually told me he had to go back to work and that i will have all answers on Thursday. but you gotta learn from the best if you wanna be the best right? *winks*

one thing im worried about is my time-allocation. i have found myself having to stay late because a last minute event or job request pop out at 4:55pm. but now, i have to make sure these last minute events gets covered.

now to practise my best smile ever so i can charm the socks off the guests!


  1. hey why is it against the law to ask for medium steaks in virginia?

  2. whee! remember the "bon appetit"s!!

  3. *shrugs* oh. i just asked.
    1)its only for burgers.
    2) only medium well or well done.
    3) something to do with the type of meat that is used..

  4. hehehe... *lift open tray cover* "BONJOUR!!!"

  5. lol~ -shows way to toilet-..."bon appetit!!"

  6. alrighty!!!
    I am soooo excited too!!!!!
    Don't forget that you are with me too...=)
    Only reason I am looking foward to Marina!!

  7. Re: alrighty!!!
    yeah!! btw im not scheduled to power clean the deck too! =)
    im on the weekend of 31st! hurray!! *bounce bounce*


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