Monday, March 5, 2007

the dumpling connection

happy new yr!  from the interns in Virginia!

since its tradition that binds us, 6 koreans , 1 hongkong-er (?) & 1 singaporean, together, we thought it would be fun and kinda meaningful to make dumplings together to celebrate. it was hilarious.. we had pork & beansprouts & tung hoon & onions stuffings.. basically whatever bit of ingredients we remember our mothers using, we stuck it in there.. was a odd mix but extremely yummerooos!!! =) and and the different wrapping styles: there was dim-sum style, korean style, curry-puff style dumplings of the same fillings all lumped into one!!!

fantastic dumplings, heaps of soy sauce, a house filled with friends & a cachaphony of various asian language.. purrfect end to a stressful week at work! =)

next on asian menu: glutinous rice-cakes!


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