Monday, March 5, 2007

did you know...

that kueh pai-tis are made using these metal moulds?!?

i was so fascinated!! and its one of my favorite-st food!!!  and i love having it at my E-poh's house. and being the huge DIY-fan i am, i just love it when you pick up a hot-freshly made paiti-shell and stuff it silly with carrots, radish, egg-lettes, cucumbers & hot sauce & top it with a juicy shrimp!!



  1. whee!! i had tt during CNY oso!!! but my mum's moulds are so small, i had 8-10 in order fill my tummy=) loved the huge ones scotts foodcourt use to have...oh those were the dayyyyyYyyyyS~

  2. my e-poh ones were tiny too.. but no telling how many i scoffed down!!


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