Saturday, March 31, 2007

breaking my silence...

Atlanta to me will always be:
1) a wonderful place to dine & wine & shop
2) home to my lovely new-found friends, Robert & Mike
3) a yuppy hangout with a flourishing korean population!

Phipps Plaza Shopping with Judy was a full-fledged shoe-whoring affair..i met the most amazing pair of jimmy choos, right out of the glossy pages of Elle Magazine but did not have the guts to put them on, for the fear that i may refuse to return them and attempt to run away IN them... (go figure. stilettos, zhingy & running not a good combination) and as usual, T & C had us mesmerized for hours..

its unbelievable that our little town doesn't have any.. *sigh*

*shoes, glorious, shoes*

with judy in the Marta (subway system) which is pretty messed up cos we waited 30 mins for the train to come on a weekend!!

more touristy pix to come..


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