Friday, February 9, 2007

training for a stronger heart...

managed to squeeze in a short swimming session today! =) did a regular 14 laps, 6 shy of my regular 20 laps cos the parking coupon was nearing its end & also cos i realized that swimming is the only time i catch up with my thoughts which is not always a great thing, especially when you have a huge deal of emotional burden. funny how places remind you of certain people & occurances, especially when you have been with a significant other for a long period of time then certain places really stings when you revisit them.. *sigh*

if only i can locate where  exactly it hurts and whats the root of the problem.. but meanwhile, me & my ache-y break-y heart...


  1. I din see this entry until today. *HUGS* my darling. it's always tough to be back at place where we've shared beautiful memories with our significant other. but dun worry over time the sting will hurt and less and when u've found closure it'll just be memories.. :) think happy tots and beautiful frens!!!


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