Sunday, February 25, 2007


after the phone call from home, i told god that i needed a life-threatening disease that would plague me and cause me to be reduced to nicole-richie's skin n bones (ok.. excuse the drama. i merely asked for some non-painful miracle to shed off the pounds..) and i hate to glorify god when i make dumb-ass prayer requests like that but.. *sigh* he sure did work fast..

we were all packed and ready for a whole night of beer pong at Lorriene's place.. quilts, pillows, party food (ya right.. diet my ass...) and booze when i suddenly felt car sick less than 5 mins into our journey. brushed it off as hunger pangs so we popped by gas station for a sandwich & soup for me.. didn't make it that far when we had to turn back and tuck me into bed..

it was no fun tossing and turning in bed. and this morning, i checked the scales. did not lose a single ounce. and i missed the 'welcome back to america' beer pong session..

darn, now i have to wait till next month.

but another (my) house party popped up. we're hosting a sushi party on monday night. we, being the chef and his girlfriend, and their very fortunate roomie gets to join in just 'coz she lives here!! *woohoo*.. i feel bad because i NEVER host these parties.. i just make majestic demands like "no raw fish for me please.." and contribute to the beer stash. maybe i'll bring the sake.

p.s. thanks for the kind words & support, LJ buddies.. *hugs* i really just needed to rant.


  1. Lady you are gorgeous, more importantly you are doing what you love... how many people can say that about their lives? Hope the sushi party's fun! Now I feel like Japanese too. Mmmmmm. :)

  2. i think you're fine the way you are. don't try to change anything just because of what they say. if you're happy with yourself then keep being happy. let ppl say what they want cuz in the end, you can only be true to yourself.
    i tried raw sushi before... but only cuz everyone, including a six year old, was eating. i figured if she can eat it then i can too. lol. it was actually pretty good.

  3. thanks for advice babes..
    as for raw sushi, i do eat them but i don't trust the raw sushi from america.. *shrugs*

  4. awww... thanks. really. and you are very right. but how do you stay slim?
    i keep telling myself its my body's reaction to the cold (kinda like whales & their blubber..)

  5. I wish I could say it's because of all the 5-a-day veg that I'm eating (I'm not) or the regular cardiovascular workouts I get (non-existent) but I really think it's just a matter of getting used to the climate? When I was in my first year at Oxford I ballooned even though I went jogging and developed a taste for celery.
    What I do find though, is that the less crap I buy from the supermarkets, the less crap I end up putting in my mouth. Made the mistake of getting a jumbo packet of crisps and kitkats the other day in a moment of weakness though and they disappeared in no time at all... also, a nice big bowl of porridge/thick slice of malt loaf for breakfast means that I can get away with having a light lunch (soup and bagel, or sandwich) and pigging out at dinner when I actually have the time to cook what I want to eat. Seriously though, most Singaporean/Asian girls could do with more meat on their bones and I could sure as heck do with more muscle!

  6. RAWR to all ur uber-insensitive relatives. maybe it's coz' they know they can never get tt 24-inch waist, tt they're imposing it on u. bahhhh~~~
    anyways.......BIG HUGS to u~ poor thing...get well soon ya? as for u hosting parties, u can always do steamboat wad!!! lol~ cooked, good food. whee!

  7. yeah.. supermarket shopping is my major weakness. and you know how americans have up-sized everything. ok from now on, once the fruit & dairy section ends, im taking a detour and going straight to check out.. not weaving thru the crisp, cookies & soda section! *determined*
    thanks for the advice. and yes tho i do share the same sentiments about having more meat on the bones.. its is not myself that im trying to please..

  8. heh.. steamboat means i need to own a steamboat pot right? oh ya.. another activity added to our "to-do-when-we-r-all-home" list!

  9. oh! chinatown dun have meh?! aiya, just get an electric or gas stove (the portable kind) and use any pot!!! last yr when i was still in switz...we used rice cooker loh. lol! perfectionist u!

  10. SAKE! i love sake! cold cold cold sake
    then i will start to talk like loud japanese drunk men and sing karaoke all off key. fun!
    u feeling better?

  11. im good babes. all good again. it takes time! =)


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