Friday, February 23, 2007

mystery solved..

our extremely short vjc skirts crossed paths in the PE dept wayyyy back in '98, didn't hit off immediately because within 5 mins of meeting her, i had to trade my uniform with her just 'cos "my legs are longer so the skirt looks shorter"... seriously, how to love her at first sight?? heh... come to think of it, doesn't make sense huh? but she's the born lawyer and i'm more generally more accomodating when sleepy..

anywhos, all these years, we always drove past her house but never got a chance to explore.. finally got a sneak preview of her new uber-cool not-quite-humble abode.. super fwah can!? even when the house was empty, i was drooling over the sleek exterior, marble bar area, entertainment room & sparkly walls. i really really liked the use of spaces.. very spacious & designer-looking..

silly gal thought this picture look really cool.. hehe. this is evidence of my overzealous photography attempts from across the pool...

really envious of how much fun she is having at work!! but at the same time, im kinda worried that she is working herself too hard!!! (please take good care of yourself babes...) we caught up over crab beehoon in AMK after abandoning our regular thompson prata hide-out... and of all things i love about my airy-fairy, i really love how she never ever judges you..

loves you, babes


  1. omg! is tt ur fren's place? looks like a resort~

  2. I love you lots too. Am sorry we couldnt meet up that night. My bad. But at least we both know that things are still the same with us! When you next come back, we'll do a sleepover. xoxo.

  3. hehe.. sleepover is also a first!! *hugs* i still need to catch up on your stories!!!
    oh! i had a oddest dream. i dream that you n my bro had a secret blog. weird..


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