Saturday, February 24, 2007

My sister's keeper

picked this book out from Barnes & Nobles the last night before i left for home because someone told me it was worth a read... with the intention of it lasting me throughout my 21hr of flight home. but it was so enticing that i could not stop. was done even before my plane reached hawaii on the tiny in-flight screen... it was in very simple words, very honest narration of a child & the people around her, anna's struggle to find her self-worth & purpose in the creation of her own life. it was heartwrenching and puts one in serious thought.. it had me in tears by the end of the book and in a deep thoughful mood.. i guess thats why most of the time i stick to the frivolous glossy books with love, lust & regular hot men. and cos you don't always have time to sit and ponder. but for the rest of the journey home, it made me think. 

**note to self: need to cut down and fluff and start reading more sensible novels. my soul needs a bit of rejuvenation...


  1. I love a good book too! but i doubt i can find the same title in hk, the english books are really limited.
    :) happy cny!

  2. happy CNY too babes!!! =)get steven to send to you!


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