Sunday, February 18, 2007

my flight home..

Excuse my haphazard way of blogging.. im trying to clear the backlog of entries i promised i had to document.. so its not in any chronological order...

i was extremely tickled by the name of this noodle shop at Minnesota! =) too bad i was still suffering from a bad case of motion sickness if not i would surely have bought some noodles to show my support!

'lau pok' airline with dripping ceilings!!! and check out my view of the in-flight entertainment.. *gosh* i was extremely stunned by the level of service during my US-Narita leg of the journey ! the David Hasselhoff- lookalike air steward (the buff guy from baywatch..) actually chided my friend, Chloe, for asking for a glass of water. and the food was horrible. but fortunately i was so drugged out i didn't need any food or drinks.. the Narita-Singapore flight was worlds apart!! the service was very pleasant, still not as good as SQ but wayy better.  i still maintain that asians have a better concept of the service industry. and also, i seriously need SQ to start flying my route...

a beautiful sunset we caught upon arrival in Narita Airport, Tokyo and my new friend who survived a 20 hour flight with me! She is adorable!! Reminds me of my JC-pal, Eeling in her mannerism and kind nature.. she was taking care of me throughout the entire journey, asking the air stewardess for drinks when i woke up, saving me parts of her meal so i won't be hungry!! such a sweetheart!! im so blessed to have her sit next to me. but poor girl had to hang out in Singapore airport for 11 hours till the next day to catch her flight back to Vietnam because she didn't have an international passport.. *yikes*


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